Wait for Me / Trust in Me (Montgomery Brothers) - Samantha Chase

Wait For Me:


Emma Taylor and Lucas Montgomery know one another from work.  She works as an assistant to his father.  He comes in after being forced once a month to do so.  


Emma is needing a break after working so hard.  Her boss offers her a deal she cannot pass up.  She is in an accident and ends up at his sons cabin.


Lucas is formerly an NFL football player who has a severe knee injury.  He cannot see his dreams come true and wonders why he should get his knee fixed if he cannot live his dream.


When Emma ends up outside his cabin, Lucas does what any decent person would do - he brings her inside and helps her recover.  He is worried that he is attracted to her, since she technically works for his company and is fighting the attraction to him also.


Such  a great story - even though there is an interfering old coot who makes them lose their tempers when they find out they have been swindled!  Can true love survive being messed with?


Trust in Me:



Maggie Barrett and Jason Montgomery met when he needed an assistant.  She already worked for the company, and was asked to take the position.  She does not want it.


Maggie had a traumatic experience happen with another employer in her past and prefers the quiet anonymity of customer service to the assistant position.  Jason needs her help to expand the company he and his family are so proud of.


Off to a rough start, they have a whirlwind tour that brings them closer together by working most everyday - all day.  In between, they find they may even be friends.  Still, Jason does not know Maggie's secrets.  Can their be love without trust?


Jason, on the other hand, wants to rush in after he starts to feel for her.  Only to find himself falling for a married woman.  Can the obstacles be resolved?  Is it too late to learn to trust if the love came first?  These are things they need to work out.  The secrets have got to go.


The chemistry between them is explosive, and for the first time in many years Maggie feels herself falling for a man she can trust.  Can she fix things with him in time to make it work?  Maybe true love can conquer all.


This was a really interesting read and I give it a happy 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!  



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