Pinterest Perfect!: Creative prompts & pin-worthy projects inspired by the artistic community of Pinterest - Walter Foster Creative Team

Inside this creative and color filled book are the ideas and "pins" that can make magic happen for a craft project.  There are simple and easy "pin-worthy" items that make is easier to put a craft piece together.


If you have used Pinterest(c) at all in the recent years, you know that the followers on this web site are going to "pin" a picture that has a project, recipe, picture, quote or anything they can enjoy and save it to a folder they create called a "board."  This allows the user to return to it later to pursue or get information from, maybe even drool over at another time.


The challenge now that you are a member with followers, is then to "pin" as much as you can.  Your friends "pin" as well, and there it goes to friends of friends just like Facebook(c).  


How this book helps is there is usually a list included of materials needed to complete the projects given.  Some need few, others need many.  The idea is to gain a project collection to be able to fulfill your own needs when you want to.  


The book has 8 sections:


  1. Papercrafts
  2. Hand Lettering
  3. Patterns
  4. Watercolor
  5. Illustration
  6. Doodling
  7. Crafts
  8. Mixed Media


There are also "Artist Tips" all through the book  for more hints on making the most of any given craft you wish to take on.  The biggest advantage to this book to me, was the step by step approach with the "pinned" pictures as the guide for each step.


If you are interested in the Pinterest(c) way and need help with crafts - this is your guide. I found it easy to use, and beautifully designed with the full color photos that help even the youngest crafter and certainly with the most beginner project.  Try for yourself and see what I mean!



***This ARC copy was given digitally and free by Edelweiss and its publisher, for review purposes.  My honest opinion is not a reflection of Edelweiss, nor its affiliates.