The Core - Nicole Hewitt, Kate Thomas, L.A Starkey

Jacob is Ellie's boss.  She thinks he may have committed a crime.  She and her brother decide to stake out her boss and follow him.  Jacob catches them and surprises her.


Ellie loves working for Jacob.  He took a chance on her and hired her straight out of college.  Lately she has noticed she is starting to have feelings for him.  She is not sure how to approach this with her work-all-the-time boss.


Jacob has many secrets he is not sure if he should share with her.  She is supposed to be a part of a future partnership with him.  How to tell her?  Will she believe?  Can he go forward in a different relationship with her if she turns him down?


So much going on in this book.  I do not want to give spoiler so I will just summarize for you that it is an amazing read!!  I had trouble putting it down.  Ellie and Jacob have sexy banter and sizzling kisses that make reading worthwhile!


This is the first book in the Equilibrium series.  The 2nd book is out now, The Light.  I give this first book The Core a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!  I cannot wait to continue the next story!!