Billionaire Stepbrother Alpha Serial (Part I - IV): Boxset - Zoe Reid

Part 1

Bethany and Damon were going to meet. Yes, it was inevitable they would meet. Her mom is going to marry his dad. Now she works at the family business, for him. The attraction is not necessary and may be a hindrance.  
There are co workers who are trying to cause problems. She wants to help her new employer and soon to be step-brother. She agrees to help him pass the word he is not available to the other workers. Then she may regret it.
Damon is hot as his name implies. It does not help that his eyes pinning her place make her feel like he can read her thoughts. The family is overjoyed that she wants to be a part of the business. She is a catch also, since she is graduating almost top of her class.
The real dilemma her is whether she can get herself to stop dreaming about her boss. Is she any better than her co-workers when she ogles his fine butt?   She does not want to treat him like a piece of meat. She needs to work.   She has tuition to pay.
I love this start to the serial! The characters are strong and I know they will clash. You want them to clash when the sizzle between them is already HOT!  

Part 2

Damon tells Bethany his rules in this installment. She learns about him more and he in turn tries to convince an annoying co-worker he is not interested by acting like he is in an affair with Bethany.  
Bethany also in turn meets her other step-brother who is laid-back and fun. She cannot help but compare the two. Even though it is obvious they are pretty close. She fins an easy friendship to her other step-brother, but Damon is still her boss and confuses her.
He also makes her hot. She knows he is messing with her but as a lowly intern, she is not sure she wants to rock the boat. She confides instead with her mentor at the company, and he tells her all is well.
By being an ally for Damon, she has made an enemy of the co-worker who is the problem. Something is going to have to hit the fan soon.  

Part 3

Bethany is making friends and starting to settle in to her new job. Working for her mother's fiance and his son has both positive and negative's with it. She is getting to know Damon a little better too.

Damon tries to explain to her that he is the boss and he is rigid in what he expects. He also seems attracted to her, then why is there a blonde under his desk? Is there more to his story? Is that a proposition she sees in his eyes?

Bethany also has an enemy at work. She is after Damon for herself. Then Damon uses Bethany's personal knowledge of him to keep her away. There is also a new male intern who seems like he would be a good friend, and maybe more.

Will the idea of being family prevent Bethany from letting Damon get closer to her? Will his ways be the reason? Such a sold and strong story! I could not put it down! This story is just heating up.

Part 4

Bethany goes with Damon to his place in this book. He surprises her by refusing her offer. She then spends time wondering if it is something she did wrong, or whether he just cannot trust her.

Damon, has been hurt in the past by someone close to him. His brother tries to explain this to her. Can love conquer all? Is it love they are feeling?

After a series of misunderstandings, they have a big fight! Both of them are strong characters and this was an emotionally challenging book. I was totally captivated with tears streaming down my face!

***This ARC copy was given to me by the author for review purposes.