The Hookup Hoax (Entangled Lovestruck) - Heather Thurmeier

Sawyer Sterling and Olivia Morgan have quite the history.  He is her brother's best friend.  She has known him for a while.  He asks her to make a deal with him.  He will be her pretend boyfriend and her boss to give her a reference here in the states.


Olivia thinks it is a great idea.  Little does she know she will fall for him.  He is super sexy and smart.  He impresses her with his desire to do right by the company and his family too.  


Sawyer falls for her right away and does not acknowledge it.  He likes being with her and the peace he feels when he is.  She soothes him.  He is just afraid to tell her brother that he is into her.  He knows there is a fight coming.


Olivia never felt like she belongs.  With Sawyers family she is welcome and even wanted.  Helping him for the cabin he grew up in is just easy for her to do.  Only one problem.  He is a player and she is being reminded by her brother if she tries to play she could be hurt. 


Such a great story with a lot of fun banter in it.  It has such heart as well.  This story is a page turner and was hard to put down.  I give it a happy 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



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