The Friend Zone (Game On Book 2) - Kristen Callihan

Gray Grayson and Ivy Mackenzie have never met in person.  She is in London helping her mother with her bakery.  Gray is back at school with his football, friends & classes.  Ivy's father loans him her car to drive.  It is powder puff pink and small.  Ivy is more afraid he will try to get lucky in the back seat.  Gray can barely fit in the front seat.


Ivy and Gray end up texting and becoming friends.  They find they have a lot in common.  Gray has never had a friend that was female before.  He either was not interested or they just wanted sex from him.  Ivy makes him laugh.  She is intelligent and thoughtful and even over text can tell Gray is a good man.


Gray and Ivy meet when her dad cannot pick her up at the airport.  For the first time they have a chance to see each other and find out if their friendship can last in person.  Ivy is stunned with the attraction she feels so suddenly.  Gray is freaking out because this is his best friend and he does not want to mess it up with sex.


The character development in this story is so awesome and honest.  I enjoyed the banter that made me laugh, every emotional moment that made me cry, and more. The story also includes our favorite characters from the first Game On series book so do not worry!  I could NOT put it down and worth every page!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!