His Offer, Part 7: Billionaire Stepbrother Alpha Serial - Zoe Reid, Nicole Bailey Proof Before You Publish

The serial is back with Part 7 in the Billionaire Stepbrother Alpha Series.  In this book Damon and Bethany talk relationships and what they want with them.  Finally, they tkae the time to tell each other their expectations and wants.  In actual detail, the finally spell it out.


On the other side, Beth has started back at school and has met the professor she will be assisting.  Turns out he knows some people she does.  He is young and handsome too.


Her friends are happy to see her again.  They feel like they never do since she spends so much time with Damon.  Between travel for work and the chemistry that is nearly burning them alive - Beth is gone all the time.


There are some major surprises in store for you with this book.  Be prepared and arm yourself with chocolates and tissues.  As always, the Zoe Reid stories are very HOT.  The banter is funny, and the friends are serious.  Now all I am waiting for is the next installment!  I give this amazing story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given free for review purposes by the author and publisher.