One More Shot (Hometown Players) - Victoria Denault

Jordan and Jessica (Jesse) were best friends since the age of 8.  They were totally inseparable growing up.  After high school, getting ready for the draft, Jordan finally admits his love for Jesse.  She spends the night with him and promises to try to move close for college to where he will be.


With misunderstandings, people interfering, miscommunication, and so much more going wrong - they end up at opposite ends and hating one another.  Jesse is hurt thinking he went back to his nosy ex-girlfriend.  Jordan thinks she left him.  And 6 years go by...


Jesse's grandmother passes away, and the families come for the funeral.  Because Jordan is injured and not playing - he has the time to go.  He and Jesse see one another after so long and the chemistry ignites!  They might say they hate, but the kiss says otherwise!


After the funeral, while the dust settles, Jordan finds out that Jesse is living in his city.  Seattle may be far from home, but he loves it and his team.  She was never going to tell him since she was only there for an internship and not sure where she was going after.  Now, he knows she is nearby and he tries a little subterfuge to see if he can light a candle in his old flame....


This story was just awesome!  I loved the characters.  I loved the banter, teasing, sincerity, fights, honesty, and so much more.  I felt the characters emotions and fell in love with both their families.  Such a good read.  I give it 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



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