Take the Fall: A Take the Fall Novel - Marquita Valentine

Seth O'Connor and Rowan Simmons were high school sweethearts.  After a night of racing and fun, Seth and Rowan's brother go to jail.  Things change for everyone after this happens.


Seth gets out after serving his 9 months and goes into the military.  He does not see Rowan again for about 7 years.  He shuts her out of his life and then regrets come later on.  She has moved on and now works and lives with his grandmother.


Coming home after his grandmother dies, Seth realizes he has things to fix and change.  Rowan cannot seem to forgive his leaving her when she needed him the most.  It was not so much that he became a Marine, as it is he did not want any contact with her.


Once he is back home they have much to go over.  The will, the business, the house, and yes, even their feelings.  They are still drawn to one another.  The chemistry is as HOT as if it was yesterday.


Rowan is afraid she will get hurt.  Last time he cut her off it devastated her.  If he does it again it could literally kill her.  She just cannot stay away.  He is like a drug.  Can love really help them?  Since it never went away...  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



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