The Same Side: Book 2 (The University Park Series) - CM Doporto

This is a continuing story of Lexi and Raven from the first book int he University Park series.  In this story, Lexi works to find out if she can be the all American teenager.  Her parents always want her to do what they have chosen, not what she wants.  Now she is no longer engaged to Collin, she is trying to find out if her feelings for Raven are real.


Raven has a past that most would be ashamed of.  He is afraid to take a chance with Lexi, but it is all he really wants.  She decides she can no longer tutor the football star without her heart getting damaged.


Lexi tries to change her image and her outlook.  Now that she is free of her parents influence, she tries to be more like the typical college kid.  This means she runs into Raven at parties everywhere.  The women chasing after him as usual, she is torn as to what to do.


Raven wants better for Lexi.  He thinks she should go back to Collin, not getting that this would never happen.  She is done with that life and living without love.  She wants a future with Raven, if she can change his mind.


Such an amazing story with the characters trying to go after what they want.  Finally showing they are adults, and making decisions for themselves.  The development in this book is clear and great to see!  I give this 2nd installment in the University Park series a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given free from the author and publisher for review purposes only.