His Angel (Trident Security #2) - Samantha Cole

Angelina Beckett meets Ian Sawyer, when his team member and co-worker moves in next door to her.  He is instantly attracted and cannot wait to meet her.  Next time he sees her, she is with her best friend and he thinks they are together and she is not available.


Ian is looking for a chance to meet her.  He cannot stop thinking about her and it is nearly killing him.  He makes up reasons to be at his buddy's home, just to catch a glimpse of her.  She is just an angel to him bringing light into his life.  


When they finally meet, she is just as attracted to him.  Angie gets stood up by a blind date, and Ian finally has a chance to go out with her.  Getting to know each other means sparks fly.  Sparks the size of lightning rods.  I could feel the sparks flying off the pages as I read!


Angie does not know how deeply he has been hurt before.  His lack of trust in relationships is from someone who hurt him very much.  He tries to put that aside and give this a real chance with Angie.  They have a lot in common and the sexy times are HOT HOT HOT!


I enjoyed the banter and the team is here too!  If you read the first book in the Trident Security Series, then you know you want to see the Sexy Six Pack again!  They have to keep her safe and it just makes you feel all gooey inside!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given free from the author for in exchange review purposes.