Justified, Full Series: (A second chance romance serial) - Ali Parker

Marc and Lisa meet because Marc is the little brother of Lisa's best friend, Kari.  Together with Lisa and Sicily, Kari is a roommate who has moved from New York to Maine to start their new lives.  Marc helps them move in a previous serial titled JADED.


This story begins with Marc and Lisa both upset that they cannot forget each other.  They had decided when they saw one another last that they would not pursue a relationship since they lived too far away.  Only thoughts keep appearing at the worst time.  The chemistry is just so strong between them.


Lisa is mad because she does not believe in love.  Marc is just a man, who is too far away, and really seriously HOT!  She tries to get together with other men, and Marc is who she is thinking of.



Lisa and Marc are both suffering in this story.  They have agreed not to see one another since they live so far away and want different things for the future.  After Marc goes back to NYC, then they both notice the emptiness and pain that it causes.


Lisa is used to being with the guys she chooses and suddenly all she can think about is Marc in the bedroom.  Same for him, when he goes to have girls who blatantly want him - all he can think about is Lisa.  They are both mad this upsets their routines and then they realize what it could be.


Kari - feeling very put in the middle - tells Marc to come visit and see if he can repair this.  She sees how it is effecting them both and thinks it is a simple fix.  Is it?  If it is real love how to solve the distance between them?


Marc is so restless and feels like his life has no meaning.  When we last saw him, he had walked in on Lisa kissing someone else after promising to try a new relationship with him.  He has found that he is not interested in anyone else.  What used to be fun, like parties and more, is no longer appealing.  


Their friends try to help.  They encourage the couple to try again.  Start with communication and maybe try to talk in the same city.  They also recommend being patient.  Neither one of them has really even started a relationship before and it is new.


Amazing story and such a page turner!  I could NOT put this down!!  I loved the banter, the sexy times, and so much  more.  I give this great book 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was given from the author for review purposes only.