#Hater (Hashtag Series Book 2) - Cambria Hebert

Rimmel Hudson and Roman Anderson are the most popular kids at school.  The college is full of kids who are shocked as they come back from Winter Break, to find "Romeo" and Rimmel are still together.  She hates all the attention, but she knows she has to fit in his life somehow and get used to it. This is a continuation from the first book, #nerd in the hashtag series.


Rimmel is bothered, stalked and attacked in this book by Romeo's enemy number one, Zach.  He is angry for being arrested and dethroned at the fraternity - and wants to get even.  Because Romeo is happy with Rimmel, he considers her the weak link by which to take Romeo down.


Romeo is also upset that Rimmel does not want to tell him a lot of what happens with Zach.  She knows it is meant to upset him.  She wants him to stay alert, focused, and win the football game.  She goes around him and protects him even if he does not want it.


Rimmel is not sure that they still have trust, since Romeo is making decisions without her.  She is trying not to lose the best thing ever to happen to her, but there is so much going on.  Romeo is in all directions with school, Zach, football, and her.  Rimmel just wants to help a little and come out a couple still on the other side.


Such an amazingly well written story.  I give kudos to the author for such a great book!  I felt all the emotions with this one and cannot wait to read the next installment of the series.  I give it a happy 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!