Bridesmaid Blues (Entangled Lovestruck) (Wedding Favors) - Boone Brux

Dani Brown and Jamie Kingsland used to date.  Now they are together in a wedding for their good friends, Roxy and Kyle.  All the gang involved with this wedding used to go to college together and are very close.


Dani is shocked to see him, since Roxy never said he was coming to the wedding.  He is Kyle's best friend - so it should have been expected - but she was never told.  Last New Year's she told Jamie she loved him.  Couple days later he moved to Florida.


Jamie is not sure what he feels for Dani.  He knows he cares more for her than any other female in his life.  His philandering and over controlling father and his extremely needy mother make it hard for him to want a relationship of his own.  He has been burned by women coming after his money, with the exception of Dani, and it hurts.


Dani is going through the motions like in a fog.  Roxy asks her to do her a favor,  which brings her and Jamie together again.  He asks if he can hang out with her and she lets him run errands for the wedding.


Jamie finds himself wanting to be with Dani all the time.  He is not sure what is happening, he just cannot help himself.  He is also changing his outlook on marriage, since he sees other couples who have lasted a long time and is thinking with the right person he may want that too.  Dani may be that person.


Such a great story.  Makes you laugh, gives you tears, and makes you feel.  Honest characters that share in their hopes of the future is why I read.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was free from and its publisher for review purposes only.