From Out in the Cold - L.A. Witt

Neil Dalton and Jeremy Kelly grew up together and were best friends who did everything together.  They shared a lot of firsts together.  The last one being in bed.  Jeremy left and it has been 5 years since they have seen one another.


Jeremy has finally been ratted out to his parents about being gay.  Now he has no where to go, to sleep, to work, or to survive the awful PTSD that plagues him.  He shows up in Chicago on Neil's doorstep and is found when Neil gets home.  Neil invites him in and says he can stay until he gets on his feet and find his own place.


Neil cannot turn a good friend away.  He has had a bad time of it lately and is kind of glad Jeremy shows up out of the blue.  With his visit to his own folks soon, he needs a support system.  Now that is Jeremy.


Jeremy cannot believe that Neil is being so kind.  He cannot believe the amazing friend that turns him on is this childhood friend who still wants to connect.  They work on rebuilding their friendship and agree to talk later about the night they got physical.


Neil takes Jeremy home with him for the holidays.  His parents love having them around.  They also travel and talk more.  It is an ideal time, broken up only by severe longing and PTSD moments.  The best part, is Neil has learned things in therapy that help Jeremy too.


Such a great read and worth every minute!  I was very impressed with the taboo subject that were covered and how they were handled.  I loved the banter and the sexy stuff was good too.  Seriously put this one in the TBR and get it for yourself and a friend!  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!