The Maverick's Accidental Bride - Christine Rimmer

Jordyn Leigh Cates has known Will Clifton and his family since they were children.  They meet up here on the 4th of July celebration in the park for a mutual friend's wedding.  While there they share a glass of punch, some dances, a few kisses.  The next morning, they share a last name.


Will is a bit angry that he does not remember what happened.  He only knows they shared the same cup and is concerned they have been drugged.  By admitting this to anyone else, they would tell others they had not planned to get married and it could lead to a bad reputation.  He is starting a ranch of his own and needs to be above reproach.


Jordyn has plans for her future.  Marriage and family are in them, just not this soon or to this man.  She agrees to give it the summer so she can find out if she is accidentally pregnant.  Will deserves the benefit of the doubt since they have known one another so long.


While setting up his new home on the ranch, Will realizes that Jordyn fits into his life more than he ever hoped.  Now he does not want to let her go.  His protective instincts on her behalf are working overtime and he does not know whether to hit himself or just give up and let her live her life.


Jordyn knows the end of summer is coming and she has to move on for school.  Can how they feel help them through the long haul?  Can she tell him and be honest?  He has not said anything so she is not sure what to determine.  It will take courage but the future could be brighter than the stars.


The story is sweet and the characters are good together.  I enjoyed the banter they share.  The families are more timid and kind of nosy.  The honesty between the lead characters is worth reading.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given from Harlequin through Chatterbox and  This was for review purposes only.