Code of Honor: A Spontagio Family Novel - Missy Johnson

Pietro lost his family and watched his mother die at the tender age of 15.  He moved in with his father's friend after that.  He had a daughter, Lucia "Lucy" Spontiago.  Pietro fell in love at first sight.  


He also knew he could never act on those feelings or it would be a grave insult to the man who took him in.  So he kept his feelings to himself.  Loved her from afar, hurt with more pain, he follows her to New York so she can pursue her dream of ballet dance.


Lucy has an overprotective father.  She knows his business dealings are shady, but she never feels threatened by them.  After losing her mother, her father seemed obsessed with her safety and by college age, she is quite sick of the smothering.  She wants to live!


Her father sends Pietro to keep an eye on her.  Lucy has no idea that he is so close.  She catches him and figures it out.  They start their friendship anew.  Possibly with benefits - as long as it is in secret.  Until tragedy strikes and they have no choice but to come out in the open.  Can they keep it from her father while dodging danger?


So many surprises are in store for the reader!  If you love adventure, suspense and hot romance - this book is for you!!  I thought the characters were victims of a romantic tragedy, until I read all that goes on.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was given from and its publisher for review purposes only.