Chasing Seth - J.R. Loveless

Seth Davies moves to a small town where he meets Sheriff Kasey Whitedove.  He buys a veterinarian practice since he cares deeply for animals and living things.  No one knows that he can actually heal.  There is a price for when he does, though.  A secret he must keep to himself.


Kasey is leery of Seth from the beginning.  He has not been impressed by the white man.  He has only been told true shapeshifters were Cheyenne, like himself.  He is angered by his attraction to Seth also.


Seth is confused by how he feels for Kasey.  He knows he cannot start anything with a man who seems to hate him.  He has a practice to build up, and he needs to somehow fit in.  Following the Sheriff around when it is not wanted would not go over well.


Kasey helps Seth following an accident.  They become grudging friends.  Then the truth comes out.  Can trust be born of deceit?  What if they truly are mates?


This is an inspiring story of love and not giving up.  I was really touched by the fact that the whole pack was very loyal.  This story makes you get the feels.  You have been warned!  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!