Forging the Future - Mary Calmes

This book is the 5th and rumored to be the final book in the Change of Heart series.  As always, I recommend reading the books in order in order to fully understand and appreciate the series as the author intended.  I know I did!


This story begins with Jin Church on his own again.  With no memory and lost to who he was and who was his, he is in New Orleans trying to make a new life for himself.  Working as a bartender for another shifter, he eagerly awaits his memory returning.


As his boss introduces him to the local Semel leader, one of the leader's trusted advisors recognizes Jin and helps to reunite him with his family.  While his beloved Logan is looking for him - his own tribe is falling apart as there is a brother to his mate who wishes to be the Semel in their tribe and challenge Logan for it.


Logan has been lost to his own pain while Jin was gone.  As well as the struggle to care for a child who is a Nekhene and shifter.  When finally rejoicing in being reunited with his mate, his family is falling apart.


Logan and Jin must make decisions that lead them where they never thought they would go.  Family and tribe must come first, and the daunting task of the choice weighs heavy on a relationship just getting repaired from so much time away.


I have always found this series to be extraordinary.  I think I read just to find out what will happen and where they will go.  I am always in the mind set that we will have just one more book and maybe, just maybe this fine author will grant that.  In the mean time, read up on this amazing series and enjoy this great book.  I give this story 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!