More Than Friends - Aria Grace

Ryan starts out by trying to get over a breakup rut by going out with a co-worker.  His buddy has good intentions, and he ends up taking home a girl he is not really into.  He stays the night on the couch and talks with her cousin.


The next morning, he realizes he and Zach, her cousin, can be friends.  They get along well and there is something between them.  Ryan assumes it is friendship since he has no other name to put to it.


They get to know one another better as Zach tutors Ryan.  The more they talk, the more Ryan feels like Zach is holding something back.  Could he be attracted to him?


This is a short and rather hot and sweet novella.  The friendship being the base makes it more believable.  I guess my issue is just how fast everything goes down.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!