The Boss Too: Billionaire Romance (Managing the Bosses Book 2) - Lexy Timms, Book Cover by Design

This is book # 2 in the Managing The Bosses series.  Please read this book in order.  It is recommended since this will help with reader understanding and character development.  


The story continues as Jamie and Alex try to work out their relationship among the personal and business issues that they have to deal with.  In this book, they are both facing problems from the past.  How they deal with them is what decides the date of their future.


Alex feels bad that he had a wonderful night with Jamie.  Now he has to keep himself from touching her, getting jealous when others ask her out, and sort out how he can keep her as his PA.  This is a trial for him among the other things he faces.


Jamie, wants to have a real relationship.  Alex is not only out of her league, he is usually attracted to someone much thinner.  Weight is still an issue for her since her family is relentless and belittle her as often as they can.


This story is magical.  It evokes so many emotions out of the reader.  There are surprises in store as well.  I cannot wait for you to read this book!  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was provided by Hurricane Readers Book Reviews and its author in exchange for an honest review only.