Dirty Little Lies (A Billionaire Romance) (Dirty Little Series Book 2) - Cassie Cross

Ben and Marisa have a history between them.  When it was good it was hot.  When it was bad, the lies and deceit threatened to hurt them beyond repair.  Now five years later, a second chance has arrived.


Ben Williams is a handsome, smart, sexy billionaire who has realized what he really wants in life and sets out to go get it.  The only he wants more than anything else - is Marisa.  He has caused so much pain for her he is not sure she will give him a chance.


Marisa has already been through so much lately that one more crack may cause a flood.  Her parents have been stealing from others to cover their debts, she is being blackmailed to protect her sister, and the only man to have access to cause pain to her heart has walked back into her life.  Can she even breathe at the end of the day?


Together, they are stronger and may even find a solution to all Marisa has been scared over.  The attraction still pulls them like magnets.  Ben is proving he can step up.  Now all they need is a little faith, a little love, and some time.


I felt so much with this book!  The story takes you through some dark places and shows you the tunnel.  I thought the characters were so sweet and enduring.  I loved the honesty and second chances are really what love is about.  I give this book a  4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.