Cinder & Ella - Kelly Oram

Ella and Brian are pen pals who meet through her blog.  They share a love of books.  They do not share real names, however, as they know one another as just their favorite characters.  They are best friends, even if they have never met.


Ella is in a car accident on her birthday that puts her in the hospital for eight months.  She loses her mother, most of her physicality, and all of her friends.  She has to start over in a new state, with a father who does not know her and has a new family she has never met.


Brian is a famous actor, who really wants to meet her.  He is just afraid if he does she will find fault with his career, or something worse.  He does not want to lose his best friend, so it is safer to keep her at a distance.  She seems to agree.


Ella and Brian meet unexpectedly at a conference for fans.  Beyond their shock, they are both so grateful to finally meet.  What happens next could turn into the next tragedy in Ella's life.  Can Brian save the day?


Such an amazing book!  I was literally blown away by how much I enjoyed it!  It made me laugh, cry, and get excited over my favorite fairy tale all over again.  I recommend this one for every romance reader!!  This book gets a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!