The Year We Fell Down - Sarina Bowen

This amazing start to a 5* series begins with Corey starting college and moving in with her roommate.  She meets her neighbor, Adam Hartley, who lives across the hall.  Hartley played hockey with her older brother, and treats her like a little sister for most of the semester.


Since they are both disabled for the time being, she is in a wheelchair and he has crutches for now, they share meals and such together.  They get to know one another and become good friends.  Is that all there is?


Corey cannot help but fall for her friend who she has so much in common with.  He is just so attractive and fun.  Hartley, bless him, does not suspect a thing.  He lovingly refers to them together as the "gimps" and takes it all in stride.


When it all changes, can Corey be the priority?  I found this story to be so terrific!  Fun, inspirational, and hot.  This is a keeper for the shelf.  I give it a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!