Two men, a chance meeting,
an unexpected fight for love...

Some risks are scarier than others
because they’re the most important ones
we’ll ever undertake…

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C.J. Lynne

Series: Infinity Series, Book One
Genre: Gay/Lesbian, M/M Erotic Romance
Publication Date: November 7, 2016

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Love doesn’t exist…

Or so Tyler Johnson thinks. He’s never had much, if any, of it thrown his way. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Jaxon Markham causes Ty to—if still not believe in love—at least know without a doubt that lust is alive and well. Ty’s not looking for forever, but what’s the harm in spending a few days—and scorching nights—with Jax; as long as Jax plays by his rules and keeps things casual and uncomplicated?

Jax knows his luck has finally changed for the better when he lays eyes on Tyler. The man is gorgeous, and stirs feelings in Jax he’d thought he’d never experience. The more time Jax spends with Ty, the more certain he is that Ty’s his soulmate. Now all that remains is convincing the stubborn Tyler of that fact, but Jax is more than up for the task, because he’s nothing if not persistent—a fact the elusive Tyler will soon find out.

Jax quickly, and much too easily, demolishes all of Ty’s protective walls and Ty reluctantly begins to think that maybe that intangible emotion called love is alive and well after all, and perhaps finally within his grasp. However, when his ugly past returns to haunt him, making him doubt all the good he’s experienced with and because of Jax, Ty’s positive outlook crumbles, giving way to doubt and despair.

Can he be the man Jax needs and deserves? Or will past and present demons destroy Ty’s one chance at true happiness?




“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Jax said self-derisively as he situated the tub of popcorn between them.


“You don’t like horror movies?” he asked aghast. Who didn’t like horror movies?


“No.” Jax shook his head adamantly.


“What kind of movies do you like?” Ty munched on popcorn while he waited for Jax to respond.


“Action, Sci-fi, thrillers, biographical,” Jax rattled off. “Anything but horror.”


Ty’s eyebrow winged up. “Then why’d you come with me today?”


“Because you invited me,”—Jax trailed a finger down his constantly scruffy cheek—“and I’ll never give up a chance to spend time with you.”


Ty gulped, swallowed hard and whispered, “Oh.”


Jax smiled tenderly, tilted his head up and gave him a lingering kiss, regardless of the fact that they were surrounded by people; his actions made Ty extremely happy. Jax wasn’t ashamed to be seen with him or to let everyone know they were together, not like… No. He wasn’t going to think about him, especially not when he was with someone as wonderful as Jax. That was the past and maybe…maybe Jax was…his future? You’re not supposed to get attached to him, he reminded, and then just as quickly told himself to shut up. I deserve to be happy for once, and Jax makes me happy.


“Jax, I—”


“Sssh,” Jax placed a finger on his lips and then nodded to the screen. “The movie’s starting.”


Tearing his eyes away from Jax’s warm ones, he stared unseeingly at the big screen. His heart felt full and suddenly he wanted to be somewhere alone with Jax, but that would have to wait at least until the movie ended. Maybe it was time to show Jax a little of the trust he’d earned and open up a bit more about himself, but for now, they had a movie to watch. He blinked and focused on the previews, digging for a handful of popcorn and busying his mouth by eating it before he said something unwise—gave away too much way too soon.





Worth The Risk (Infinity Series, #1)Worth The Risk by C.J. Lynne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tyler AKA Ty meets Jaxon AKA Jax and the chemistry for both of them appears to be off the charts. This sexy mix of will they or won't they is intermixed with some forbidden love. Jax may be out of his league, but he cannot deny the attraction and feelings that are growing.

Jax knows that the situation with Ty is unusual. He wants to fight for what matters, even when things go wrong. Choices always seem to come down to whether you can fight for it.

This book was really something fun to read. I found myself laughing out loud, or crying depending on the feels I was getting. Such amazing character development and at a pace that was comfortable.

***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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About C.J. Lynne:

C. J. is first and foremost an avid reader of romance.  Nothing is better than watching two strong-willed people meet, connect and work through personal challenges and fight to overcome internal and outside obstacles to be together.

C. J. is a southerner who believes that love is love, and if you’re ever lucky to find it, you should hold onto it with both hands and feet.  C.J. writes love stories filled with emotion and hopes you—the reader—will enjoy them as much as C.J. enjoys creating them.

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