Target of Mine: The Night Stalkers 5E (Titan World Book 2) - M.L. Buchman

This is a book from the new Titan World series. This is where series that are alike come together with those of the Titan series, created by Cristin Harber. If you are already familiar with the Titan series, this is going to be a joy for you. If you are as of yet unfamiliar - I am curious, where have you been?


Nikita had met Drake before, when they worked on a mission.  After turning him down once, he never tried anything again.  She is unsure whether there will be anything in the future for them beyond the flirting they need to do to keep up their cover.


Drake wants Nikita in a way he has never wanted another woman.  She is already a very accomplished operator.  Now, if they can just stay alive and get past their own selves to take a chance....


This was such an incredible rush of a book to read!  Fitting into the Titan World, by not only them and action - there are surprises for the reader with visits from favorite characters.  It was heart pounding fun that I felt from page one.  I loved watching the characters nearly tumble over themselves for one another!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.