Coming Soon .... a new book .... 

from bestselling author, Mika Jolie!

We stopped in to talk to the new stars of said book, Dean & Coriander.  Here is what we found out about this fabulous couple coming 04/25/17!!
1.  Dean, what was your first impression of Coriander?
Dean: Feisty. We met over twenty years ago. (Laughs) She did punch me in the gut.
2.  Coriander, what was your first impression of Dean?
Coriander: A bully. (Laughs) I thought he was bullying a classmate of mine. The girl turned out to be his sister. I didn’t know that then. Oh yeah, I punched him.
3. This question is for both Dean & Coriander, What type of music do you enjoy listening to?
Coriander: My taste in music is eclectic. On any given day, you can find me listening to La Traviata, Nina Simone, an Indie band, Ed Sheeran, and of course Bruce Springsteen. Hey, I’m a Jersey girl. And I absolutely love the soundtrack of Grease, the first movie. 
Here’s The Boy Friend Spotify playlist. Check it out:
Dean: I’m a big Dean Martin fan. Blame my dad. I also enjoy bands like Metallica, Twenty-One Pilots. (Grins) I do listen to Opera and sing along to a Grease tune. Hey, Cori enjoys that type of music.
4. Coriander, What is your biggest fear?
Coriander: That I’ll lose my best friend, my anchor in the storm of life. My parents have never really been there. (Pauses, looks at her clear polished fingernails, then smiles) but Dean always has, since the day we met.
5. Dean do you wear funny T-shirts too?  (Since obviously Coriander does.)  What do you like to wear?
Dean: (Laughs) Because of work I tend to be in a suit. Although, I prefer to be in jeans and a white button down. Casual yet sophisticated at the time.
6. Coriander, do you have any siblings?  Will we get to know them in your book?
Coriander: I’m the only child. Dean has a sister. We will meet her in The Boy Friend.
7. Dean are you a cat or a dog person?
Dean: Definitely a dog person.
8. This question is for both Dean & Coriander, What are you most passionate about?
Coriander: My art, humanity, my friends, and family.
Dean: My work is important to me. But really what I’m the most passionate about is the woman sitting next to me.
9. Coriander, are you a reader?  What is your favorite work of fiction?
Coriander: Definitely. Two of my favorite books are All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve and 1984 by George Orwell.
10. Dean, if you could pick anyone to be your hero, fiction or real, who would it be?
Dean: We have to make an exception to the rule because I have to go with two. My parents.

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