Somebody Like You - Lynnette Austin

Annelise knew there was something she could do to help her failing grandfather's health.  She would just have to figure it out.  What she didn't expect, but was coming to joy, was learning to be on her own.  


Cash hired Annie because he wanted to get to know her, and they needed the help.  He had no idea she would work so hard.  He had no idea who she really was.  When the secrets of their pasts rise to the surface, will there be anything left to salvage?


Gotta tell you, this book is a seriously slow burn.  Hotter in part than a Texas sunset, and just as potent.  I appreciated the way the author let us taste this story without overdoing it on the flavors, however.  I can honestly say I cannot wait to sample the next book in the Maverick Junction series!  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.