Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology - Adriana Locke, Charleigh Rose, Ella Fox, Emma Scott, Kate Stewart, Kennedy Ryan, L.J. Shen, Mandi Beck, Meghan Quinn, Sara Ney, Rochelle Paige

This is an anthology full of great short stories by some of our favorite sports romance authors.  I even found some new ones I will be reading again in the future!  Full of different sports types, these are all great romances from semi-sweet to erotica.  A really great read.


Here are the books in their listing by author:

Adriana Locke (Cross) 
Charleigh Rose (Yard Sale)
Ella Fox (Out of Formation)
Emma Scott (One Good Man)
Kate Stewart (Sweeping the Series)
Kennedy Ryan (Full Court Press)
L.J. Shen (The End Zone)
Mandi Beck (Sin Bin)
Meghan Quinn (Back in the Game)
Rochelle Paige (Slapped Into Love)
Sara Ney (Switch Hitter)


I had so much fun reading this collection.  It was very hard to put down!  If you need a book that has something for everyone - may I recommend this one?  Such a great anthology with 11 books to keep you company.  I will be re-reading this one, folks.  I give this compilation a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange of an honest review only.