More to Love (A Perfect Fit) - Alison Bliss

This is book #3, in the A Perfect Fit series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding of the series, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading in order.


Max pretends to be something he is not in order to get his way, and solve a problem for a friend.  Only he has no intention of falling for the woman he lies to.  How to fix it once he realizes the inevitable? 


Jessica cannot believe there are so many people who love her efforts.  Coming to this new town and being accepted is a big deal in her life.  To find a man who gets her was just plain unexpected.  When the truth comes out, can she forgive a well meaning man?


This was a sweet and sexy installment to this great series.  The characters have great banter, heat, and sexy times.  I love how the challenge of chasing the girl is so very prominent in this story.  You really feel the struggle and the end result is so worth it!  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publisher.