How We Fell in Love: Grace and James's short story - Toni Aleo

This book is related to the Assassins series.  This qualifies as what could be a prequel for said series.  I recommend reading the amazing series in order, if possible.


Grace's POV is where we begin reading this quick read.  She is the kind of girl that wants forever.  The kind you take home to your mother.


James has never been the forever kind.  For Grace, he will learn how.  This is a small piece of how they get together.  Tugging on our heartstrings, he chases the one he loves.


This was a small and simply sweet read.  Sexy tension is in the room whenever these two are.  Learning how they got together, when we can appreciate it later in their son's story.  I give this yummy piece a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!