Starting from Zero (Starting From #1) - Lane Hayes

Justin has a lot on his plate right now.  Yet he meets someone interesting that he wants to spend time with.  He figures he can do that for himself.  Little does he know this path will lead to so much more.


Gray just wants to enjoy his time with his new guy.  He has no idea he will be sucked in by his best friend and a possible scheme by his Godson.  Either way, he will make time for the new man in his life.  So they can possibly find more.......


This was a great start for a new series.  The characters feel very compelling and seriously dedicated to their music.  Both have found themselves in a new situation.  I like that it feels very real and sincere right from the start.  The sexy times are also quite hot!  I find this book is a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.