The Bride's Brother - J. P. Oliver, randi johnson

Toby finds himself attracted to the groom who comes with his latest bride.  Embarrassed and ashamed, he tried to distract and amaze.  Then he finds out, it is not the groom!


Hunter is completely head over heels for the good looking wedding planner.  He seems like a snob, but the feelings are definitely there.  What if they talk frankly?


Such a great story with characters who have depth and sexiness.  I find myself sucked in pretty quickly.  I love the banter and the heat.  I really am excited for these two to get together.


The narrator does a great job with the voices.  I love that I can hear the emotion being brought to life.  I am so thrilled I got to hear the story, and enjoy it more fully.  The voices were great and the story really came to life.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This audiobook was given in exchange for an honest review.