The Second Coming - Carrie Aarons

Aria has lived near the ballers her whole life.  Now she works for the very college that brings them to their small town.  She avoids them all, even dresses down as not to attract any to herself.


Jude finds her attractive anyway.  He sets out to find more about her.  Only he is already on thin ice.  He is pushing the envelope because he can.  Aria wants nothing to do with someone who is so cavalier with the rest of his life.  


This is a story that I Was not sure I would understand.  Outside of reading, I am not real patient with someone like this main character.  Seeing it through their eyes however, I now understand why he appeals to someone more laid back.  I found the banter interesting.  The heat was certainly there.  And the friendships were very cool.  I cannot wait to read more about this series.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!