Pretty Reckless - Grace L.C. Shen-Ong

Penn has much to blame on Daria.  After he helped her to shoo his sister away, he spends the next four years on ice.  Literally not feeling anything, until he sees her again.


Daria has been trying to be seen.  She is not seen or heard at home.  She gravitates toward the loners, even though she is part of the popular kids at school.  Her attraction to Penn is the only thing she really feels.


This dark romance was quite the surprise.  I felt all the feels.  I laughed, cried, and basically begged for mercy as I got closer to the end of the book.  This is a story full of very deep and rich characters.  I found myself spellbound by them and wondering what they would do next.  I think this was a great read.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!