The Bromance Book Club - Lyssa Kay Adams

Gavin finds out his wife has been faking it.  They have just barely checked in to their marriage recently, and now Thea is checking out.  She has asked him for a divorce, and he is unsettled by this.  He truly loves her and wants to get back to the hot and heavy he thought they were.


Thea is fed up about it all.  She is sick of being taken for granted.  Sick of the other wives and girlfriends of her husbands team shunning her.  Sick of her husband not wanting to be with her the way they used to.  She wants to get back to the happy, but must first find what was lost.


Stories about married couples can be tricky.  I loved that this one was not afraid to go there.  Both characters really had to come out of their shell and be honest.  The sexy times get lively, and heavy in the heat.  The story is solid and the pace is steady.  I loved that these MC's had to work for it.  I really hated the female lead for about 90% of the book.  I was so pleased I shouted when the storyline caught up with what I thought.  Nicely played.  I give this read a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!