Protecting His Secret (A Billionaire Second Chance Secret Romance) - L.A. Pepper

Hannah has a secret.  She knows James did not recognize her, but she wants to see where it leads before she tells him.  Hopefully the man of her dreams will make them come true.


James is frustrated.  Newly divorced from a diva with a capitol D, he wants to relax and find someone who cares about him for him.  Not his money.  He has secrets he is keeping too.


When it all hits the fan, these characters are stronger than they know.  If they can keep together and stay strong, it will be a brighter future for them both.  Can they make it past the secrets form their pasts?


I found the story to be charming.  Second chances in real life, are rare.  So that makes them all the more special.  I found Natalie's voice to be unexpected.  Very pleasant to listen to with the occasional surprises of accent with the words thrown in.  The story flew by and before I knew it was over.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This story was provided in exchange for a review.