Broken Warrior - Jocelynn Drake, Rinda Elliott

This is a new book to start out The Weavers Circle series.  Clay is being chased by something that just smells.  It smells awful and he cannot figure out why he is running for his life from this and its awful smell.  Then when he arrives where he finds he should be, he meets the most amazing man.


Dane is being paid well to repair an old home that is coming to be a beauty again.  He is accompanied by people he is finding are more strange than he even though at the beginning.  He is also starting to feel things for one of them.  Can he even trust them?


One of the most intriguing urban fantasy stories I have read in such a long while, I am loving these characters so much.  Each and every one of them are deep and fun with incredible personalities.  While at a fast pace, the action and excitement never stops.  I literally could not put this book down, it felt like losing an appendage!  I cannot wait for the next story in this incredible new series.  Please hurry loves!  I give this read a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!