Karma's a Bit*h - Este Holland

Jake has stayed the course and will soon graduate.  He is trying to stay on track, and is looking at the goal on the horizon.  Then he meets someone who turns his world sideways and upside down.


Archer first comes into Jake's place of business and begs him to sell something unsellable.  There are real consequences to this action, for both of them.  Then realizing they can help one another, they make a new plan that takes them one step closer to the rest of their lives.


This book is fast paced and literally can go whizzing by.  I found I liked the characters lack of steady under their feet as it made for a fun read.  Poor guys never know what hit them.  From attraction, to change of jobs, to learning to navigate friendships this story has the reader on thier toes just wishing to be in on the action.  I give this read a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in excahnge for an honest review only.